Why do Republicans allow this?? Facsimiles of Women

Facsimiles of Women


Today’s Senate races in Georgia will reach the end of Act II in the 2020 election structure with the climax of action. Late tonight, the crisis will occur in counting rooms across Georgia as Democrats figure out how many votes they need to win two US Senate seats and fulfill their vote quotas. This will mean the end of Senator Kelly Loeffler. Americans, left or right wing, will lose nothing. Loeffler is just a facsimile of a woman that the GOP appointed to the august chamber of Congress.

Loeffler has no political history. Loeffler has no family. Loeffler had no record of supporting right wing causes (candidates like Romney, yes). Loeffler does have a wealthy husband. She married the CEO of her employer in 2004. This is how she was appointed by Gov. Kemp to the position of US Senator. This appointment was over the suggestion of President Trump to elevate Rep. Doug Collins to the Senate. In the event she loses, he one year in the Senate will be remembered for her stock purchases and sales after being briefed about covid but before the public was aware of covid risks.

Loeffler is not the only failed female pet of the GOP. Former Senator Martha McSally never won an election to the glorious office of Senator but was appointed by Gov. Ducey. McSally (ed: shown in essay image) is a once married, then annulled, spinster in Arizona who was appointed as US Senator for Arizona after losing her ’18 election to Sen. Sinema. It is purely this writer’s opinion, but in the race of two childless women, Arizona’s voters may have merely picked the more realistically feminine choice. McSally followed the Arizona party line for positions, and distanced herself from President Trump in ’18. Similar to Sen. Ayotte of New Hampshire, she suffered a close defeat where her anti-Trump stance likely cost her the margin of victory.

McSally was a two term Congressman before being appointed. Loeffler was a donor or more accurately, a donor’s ambitious wife. The GOP was feeling the influence of #MeToo and worried about the suburban female vote. These appointments were meant to stave off slippage with those voters. Both failed. While people mock the minority puppets of the left who are in no way representative of the voting blocs they represent, this is the same situation on the right. These are childless women put into office to address via a gender checkbox a voter bloc. These women both lagged President Trump’s results.

The argument cannot be made that Trump hurt them as he outperformed them. The argument can be made that there is something off-putting about them. Something people cannot quite put their finger on, but they know it is wrong. Loeffler’s biography reads like an AWFL, just for the GOP, and McSally, well, it is hard to put a finger on it. The GOP elects women, and this is something the right wing media has trumpeted in the wake of November’s election. The GOP even has higher profile women, with few matching Sarah Palin’s visibility in the ’10s despite not holding any office. Gov. Noem of South Dakota has like Gov. DeSantis become an anti-Cuomo or anti-Newsom figure with the handling of covid.

If there is a contrast and it is something people would feel uneasy discussing, it might be that Palin and Noem are attractive moms while Loeffler and McSally are not. Sen. Kamala Harris may be in line to become the first female president in America, but even her own party rejected her. She is another childless, ambitious creature of a state party machine. The uncanny valley is something used to describe the problem of robotic or CGI representations of humans. The valley is where a robot is very close to human but there is something just off that repulses us. It might be something we feel when we see these figures in politics as well.

A facsimile is something made to be the same as the original. You make something like the original, but it is not the original. These are GOP Inc creatures in female form, but it doesn’t work. Part of Palin’s appeal was that she was a regular mom and that she was sexy. That was also fuel for the left’s anger. Even though left wing, white women hated her, they still asked for her hairstyle in ’08-’10 (The Palin). She had it all with a career, a husband, many children and good looks. AOC has this as well where the energy she creates for both her side and her opponents has some foundation in her attractiveness and femininity. We will see if she has one kid as Clinton did and Clinton’s protégé who was groomed for future high office, Huma Abedin, did.

Another essay would look at why the GOP reacted so strongly to the female issue while suppressing any populist energy downticket. The GOP did not groom MAGA nationalist or populist candidates, and simply let the next guy in line get nominations. The GOP reacted to criticism about the female voter bloc, but left the populist $20 bill on the street. They couldn’t even use facsimiles of populists like they do with these women to wave in front of voters.

This points to a future where these female figures are going to have to appeal to the old energies of being the mother of us all and sex appeal. A bureaucratic regime is going to be a matriarchal longhouse seeking consensus. That does require a matriarch who while being the mother of the family was also once a desirable maiden to be paired with a warrior. Same applies to men as former presidents Clinton and Obama were smart enough to enter marriages for political viability. Politicians are the salesmen and saleswomen for the regime. They push the marketing for the donor class to implement their desired goals. The experiences of Loeffler and McSally are market testing for the GOP. Facsimiles of women just won’t cut it.


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